Saturday, March 06, 2010

Woodland Spring

Jessica asked for a bouquet that would be inspired by a walk through the forest in the Springtime. When Jessica attended her bouquet fitting last evening, she admitted having a hard time parting with it. It absolutely hit the mark. There are a lot of materials but they all work in harmony. A couple noteworthy items are the Navajo blackberries that were a real find and the Purple, Lavender Sweetpeas. They were imported from Japan. I'm not kidding, they have more frequent flier miles than I do. Other materials included Fiddlehead, Muscari, Jade roses, Green Dendrobium Orchids, Queen Anne's Lace, Blue Thistle, Galax Leaves, and Maiden Hair Fern. Honeysuckle vine created a collar around the bouquet keeping everything contained. Jessica was very tickled with the results. I can't wait to recreate it on the day of her wedding. It will be simply Brilliant

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