Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Salina at Antrim 1844

Thank you to The Artful Wedding for allowing us to use the images from Salina's wedding. The photos they took of our work are stunning.

Salina wanted a garden, romantic bouquet with the softest touches of pale pink and we delivered.

The ceremony was to be outside in the garden but since the weather didn't cooperate, it was relocated inside but I think the setting was still pretty spectacular. Nobody wants to think about rain on a bride's wedding day but the reality is that you need to have a plan B just in case. Even when the weather is perfect, arrangements that can be relocated and re purposed are pieces that should be considered when thinking about value for the money.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun Little Piece for a good cause

The event was the Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area fundraiser.
The theme was Hidden Gems of DC and we did a literal take on it. At the base, we had a plate glass container with coal and glass diamonds lit from underneath. The floral display was atop a glass black trumpet vase and the materials included orchids, peonies, spray roses, stock, and hydrangea in jewel tones.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

Happy Mothers Day to my Mom, Sheila, who is standing next to a display we did for Hollow Creek's Mothers Day Brunch.
The collection of elements contained pink hydrangea from New Zealand, yellow freesia, appleblossom stock, a bouquet of yellow carnations and a bouquet of esperence roses, both tied off with ribbons and bows.
Thank you Mom for all your love and support. I couldn't do it without you.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Bejeweled Bouquet

Thank you to Photography by Alexander for taking this photo of a bouquet we showcased at a recent bridal show. For further information about his work go to www.photographybyalexander.com

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Emily's beautiful day

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have a bride ask for something and everything she wants is in season and is at it's very best. Everything just works and the result is stunning. Emily was specific about her colors and we worked and worked till we got the combination just right. Thank you Emily!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My little experiment

After every event we end up with left over materials and it seems such a waste not to use them for something. We decided to make up a bouquet and attach a note that read "You found me, I'm yours". We placed the bouquet along Carroll Creek in Frederick and we asked the recipient to take it home and publish a post on their Facebook account about it. We also asked that they post a quick note on on our blog. We'll see what happens.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Yu Ying at Meridian House in DC

The Yu Ying school in Washington DC held their first auction and we were delighted when asked to be involved. An Asian influence was an obvious choice. The Meridian House in Washington DC was the venue and we are excited to be working there again in the very near future.

Colonial Jewelers and Breakfast at Tiffanys

Kudos to Colonial Jewelers for sponsoring a Breakfast at Tiffanys themed charity Event for breast cancer. We supplied the red carpet from Colonial Jewelers up to the Weinberg Center. Guests wore little black dresses and there was a Holly Golightly look alike contest. Fabulous!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Spring Ground Breaking Event

There's something to be said about simplicity. I spend a lot of time thinking about what kind of container is going to compliment an arrangement. When I found a source for these simple, inexpensive wooden boxes, I was excited about all the possibilities. They were perfect for a Spring, catered, ground breaking event. It's not uncommon for us to incorporate fruits and vegetables in pieces if we know what type of menu is being served by the caterer.

One Smart Cookie

I'll be honest. Yes I would love for everyone that walks through my door to say that the flowers are the most important thing to them for their wedding but I know its not going to happen. When Dorrie came to me for her initial consultation and she told me where she was having her reception, we both agreed that the one must have besides the bouquets would be a dramatic piece in the foyer.

The one thing that I love most about Hollow Creek is that they have a true foyer which allows you to make one dramatic statement that your guests will first see when they enter and it will be the last one when they leave. Even if you opt not to have centerpieces at all, your guests will still have the impression that you had beautiful flowers at your wedding.

I have always loved Hollow Creek in Middletown but they have made a great place even better. The improvements to the back terrace are more than I had thought possible. What a gorgeous setting for an outside wedding. And the lighting at night...wow! If your reading this and haven't secured a venue for your event, check them out and tell Susie you read about them on my blog!

Are you kidding me?

I can't tell you how many times I hear from a bride that the venue provides a mirror and a glass hurricane globe. Wow..really? I haven't seen one of those since I was at my Grandmothers. Come on! Step it up a bit. Especially for a once in a lifetime event like a wedding! This is an example of a classic centerpiece design with a little more modern edge. By replacing the oh so seen before hurricane, with 3 simple, inexpensive glass vases in varied heights and filling them with water and topping each of with a floating candle, you get a fresh approach to a traditional centerpiece. You also don't need to have a profuse amount of flowers to get a comparable look. By mossing the ring and then have a few flower bundles tucked here and there, you can have an even more affordable table arrangement that your guests will love.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Woodland Spring

Jessica asked for a bouquet that would be inspired by a walk through the forest in the Springtime. When Jessica attended her bouquet fitting last evening, she admitted having a hard time parting with it. It absolutely hit the mark. There are a lot of materials but they all work in harmony. A couple noteworthy items are the Navajo blackberries that were a real find and the Purple, Lavender Sweetpeas. They were imported from Japan. I'm not kidding, they have more frequent flier miles than I do. Other materials included Fiddlehead, Muscari, Jade roses, Green Dendrobium Orchids, Queen Anne's Lace, Blue Thistle, Galax Leaves, and Maiden Hair Fern. Honeysuckle vine created a collar around the bouquet keeping everything contained. Jessica was very tickled with the results. I can't wait to recreate it on the day of her wedding. It will be simply Brilliant

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Centerpiece and Bouquet

A contemporary centerpiece and a vintage, crystal accented bouquet that we showcased at the Turf Valley Bridal Show.

The unique glass container with the openings at each end works beautifully for flowers with stems of tulips and calla lilies that are relatively easy to bend. With a low stem count and the container being a rental, it's an economical and modern centerpiece. Sheila did a beautiful job!

The bouquet is just as unique but with a nod to the past with it's vintage color palette. The Amnesia and Sahara roses works well with the Black Schwartz Callas and the hand strung crystals that loop in and out of the bouquet adds that something extra.

A few close up pictures from our booth at the Turf Valley Bridal Show.

Our booth at the Turf Valley Bridal Show

We participated in the Turf Valley Bridal Show and this was our booth. This set up was a departure from what we normally do and I was very pleased with the results.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Traditional Autumn Reception at The Comus Inn

Warm tones for an Autumn wedding at The Comus Inn. At a wedding where the ceremony is in the same space as where the reception will be, the guests typically go to another location for cocktail hour while the area is "flipped". For me that means I'm on site from the time the bouquets are delivered till it's time to help flip the space for the reception. The plus is that it gives me an excuse to stay and watch the ceremony from an out of the way spot, usually where the centerpieces are being held in a holding pattern. I think I will always remember this ceremony because after the vows were exchanged and they were announced as a couple, the song by U-2, "It's a Beautiful Day" was played while they walked back down the aisle. Nice touch Julie!

So Sweet

A delightful moment with Julie and her flower girl Riley. The head piece takes a little time but they are ever so pretty. Deborah does such a beautiful job with them and the extra ribbon tendrils with with individual petals adhered to them is that little something extra. She always finishes them by saying "Now what little girl wouldn't love wearing that all day?"