Saturday, December 08, 2007

Silver and White

Before and After

I think that if your going to have 200 chairs in a room, what the chairs look like are going to make the biggest difference in the overall appearance of the event. The spandex chair covers that we used are a nice alternative to the common, baggy chairs with a sash.
Alternating tall and low arrangements also adds more visual interest.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Foundation for Different Looks

The classic look of the centerpiece (above) can be used as the foundation for an assortment of different looks. We created a Hoiday inspired pew clip with the addition of cedar, a few magnolia leaves, and a rich merlot ribbon.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Comus Inn

The arrangements for this harvest wedding and reception incorporated everything that Fall has to offer including crab apples, peppers, and wheat bundles.

Comus Inn Exterior Decor

Fresh floral swags with a harvest feel made the first impression on the guests. The composition was made up of protea, wheat, rosemary, roses, lilies, and amaranthus.

Lamp Centerpiece

The large trumpet vases had a spandex lampshades that down lit the roses inside the container.
The centerpieces were used on sponsor tables for a large charity event which had a Cirque theme.

Friday, September 28, 2007

First Impressions

This was the guests first impression as they entered the foyer to Hollow Creek Golf Club for an Anniversary party. The the tropical theme was accomplished with plenty of palms, ferns, and tropical arrangements. The cabana and ottoman was accesorized with plenty of pillows. It made for a nice photo opportunity.

Autumn Harvest

Monday, September 10, 2007

Warm Pink and Peach Tones

Just becuase it's the end of Summer doesn't mean you have to shy away from pinks. Light peach roses play against warm pink roses with a green-taupe edge. The romantic look was completed with antique hydrangea and stock.

Large Rooms

When a facility has very tall ceilings it's a good idea to have tall arrangements on some of the guests tables. It visually breaks up the room.


The chuppah was hand made for the couple out of 4" diameter white birch posts from Maine.
It was simple and elegant without any floral accents.

Pew Clips

Pew clips are one of many small details that add up to a complete look.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Several bouquets presented as centerpieces for a Bridal Tasting at a reception venue.

Individual Cakes

Each guest table had a satellite cake which matched the wedding cake. We were asked to provide a centerpiece that incorporated the cakes in a playful manner. This is what we came up with. The wheat grass base anchored the stem of the "flower".


A couple of arrangements that we provided in an already beautiful setting.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Few Elements

A simple mixture of greens and a few stems for color can make a confident statement. The stems of papyrus and the green roses are unique touches that will draw attention from the guests.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Site Visits are Priceless

One of the services that we offer are free site visits with the client to the venue where the event is being held. This helps to get the most out of the floral arrangements by placing them in some key locations. What better way is there to make suggestions while walking through the space with the customer? In this case, the ceremony was outside in a courtyard at a Bethesda hotel. Once the guests went inside and down elevators to the ballroom, this was the first focal piece the guests would see. The up light complimented the lavender tinted water inside the glass container. The arrangement was then repeated on every other table in the ballroom. The low centerpieces on the other tables were the same elements of hydrangea, roses, callas, and a mixture of greens but without the delphinium.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Perfect Match

I'm a firm believer that a tall centerpiece on every other table breaks up a space visually which is helpful when an event is in a tent. The bride wanted a vintage garden look and the iron candlesticks we had in our inventory fit the occasion perfectly. We only needed to paint them a creamy white. The "drippy" effect of the greens certainly softend the look.
The low arrangements were of the same materials but without the green foxtail. They had their own iron garden containers that coordinated with tall pieces. The guests were able to take home the centerpieces because they were designed in their bowls or on plates.
Renting containers from the person who is supplying the florals is an economical way to bumb up the look of a wedding.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bridal Bouquet

This was a complimentary sample of the bride's bouquet for her to review weeks before the big day. Providing such a valuable service ensures against any surprises on the day of the wedding.
The bouquet will be cradled in her arm as she walks down the aisle instead of both hands holding a traditional hand tied. This obviously isn't for everyone but this unique individual is very happy and that makes me very happy!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


A friend of mine hosted an engagement party for a couple who were going to Hawaii for their honeymoon after they're married. She asked if we could do an arrangement that would compliment her luau themed party and we were more than happy to accomodate her.
Tropicals are so fun to work with and they explode with color.
I regret not taking a close up picture of the details our designer incorporated into the piece. Even some of the ends of the stalks of Ginger that some may have normally thrown away were used in unique ways to add to the overall design. I've learned to always appreciate the details which can sometimes be easily overlooked.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Arrangements for Ceremony

After working with a Bride for 6 months or more, you develop a relationship with them. If that relationship is a good one, it makes me very happy when the weather cooperates and the couple has their outside ceremony as planned. Her wedding day was perfect.
The venue in Taneytown has a wonderful layout for weddings including manicured gardens, a lovely reception facility, and a top notch Bed and Breakfast with an outstanding gourmet Restaurant.
When I first met the client, they explained that they intended to have the ceremony outside in the garden but her date was April 21st. We decided to create arrangements that would give the guests a hint as to what the garden would look like in a month when in full bloom.
The yellow snapdragons were the largest and the best I've ever seen. The roses also opened up so much that I'm not exagerrating when I say they were almost 5" in diameter. Brilliant!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


I think it's funny that you usually can tell what a bride is going to choose for her wedding bouquet after the first consultation but once and a while you get thrown a curve ball. This client saw this bouquet in a book and said "that's it!" I never would have guessed this as a choice should would have made but I was happy to do it. I made a joke about the stephanotis being termed "the wedding flower" and it being a costly material to work with but it's no joke on how much labor is required for this gorgeous, fragant blossom.
Each individual flower (right hand picture) has to be attached to a special stem that has a water source for it. Think of it as a wet Q tip. Each special stem can then be attached to a wire stem by wrapping it with floral tape. It's not rocket science but it is time consuming. The bouquet we created had over 150 stephanotis blossoms with calla lilies which is in the picture to the left. The end result was a modern cascade with a traditional material.

More than Floral Design

Not everything we do is centered around floral design. On occasion we get to do decor for ballrooms, tents, and in this case staging at a convention center. Some of the products that are out there are amazing. These fabric structures stood 12 feet at their highest point. They really come to life when professionally lit with washes of color for the back wall and spots on the uprights.
Renting 15 ferns for the front of the stage was a nice way to finish the look and to soften that hard line. Renting plants such as palms and ferns can be a very cost effective for anyone to incorporate fresh materials into their venue for any occasion including weddings.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Modern Luxury

A client requested banquet seating for 40 guests at a six course dinner for his Grandmother's birthday. He asked for modern luxury so we provided over 30 different individual arrangements in white to include hydrangea, calla lilies, french tulips, roses, orchids, and oriental liles. The table was also set with four groupings of contemporary lead crystal candlesticks with white taper candles. The finishing detail was a runner of white dendrobium orchids that ran the length of the 40' long table.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Basic Elements

I consider this a great example how a few key elements can make a statement.
Most venues provide linens for their tables at no extra cost but the options are usually limited to white or ivory. The most economical way to infuse your own color palette into the reception facility is with tablecloths. If you think about it, most of the square footage in the room will be taken up by tables so putting tablecloths in your decorating budget is by far the best way to go.
Another item that is commonly used are chair covers. They are used to cover "not so pretty" banquet seating but they can look baggy and heavy. There is another option. Dollar for dollar you will get a much more tailored, clean, and elegant look by using Chivari chairs. Majority of the time we are talking only a dollar or two more per chair and that includes the coordinating cushion. Unless you are in the industry, you wouldn't know the name of this chair type but I know that most people have seen them in many, many pictures in magazines. Gold is a popular and versatile choice but they do come in Silver, Black, White, and several other colors. There is a delivery fee involved and each reception facility has their own set up fees but there are fees for installing and delivery chair covers as well. If you are one of several receptions on the same day, you may want to contact the other "parties" for that day and offer to share the expense and use of the items.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Unique Arrangement

It's hard to get the scale of this arrangement from the picture but the urns are 4' tall and then the florals are at least another 3' on top of that. One arrangement was placed on each side of a large fireplace for an indoor wedding ceremony. The composition consisted of three types of orchids, Peonies, Roses, Callas, Cherry branches, Belles of Ireland, Hanging Amaranthus, and Palm Leaves. You never know when your going to find a unique container to use in this line of work and when you do find something, you better purchase it and not wait till later or you may regret it. I found the light weight fiberglass urns at Lowes and I look forward to many years of use from them.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Inside Ceremony

This is an opportunity to show how a few floral pieces can transform an interior space and define the location for the wedding ceremony. This was Ceresville Mansion in Frederick, Maryland and although it was February with ice outside, it was Spring inside.

Modern Cascade

I would say that most of my brides ask for hand tieds but I there is a growing trend of cascading bridal bouquets. They can be modern and clean and also very complimentary depending on the body shape and style of the gown. This bouquet was almost an exact copy from a magazine picture that the bride brought into our studio. The only difference was using a soft peach calla instead of lavender.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Manzanita Mania

When I first saw an arrangement using a Manzanita branch, I couldn't wait to try recreating the look. This is the first arrangement we did which was for a Bridal Expo in Frederick, Maryland. Wedding shows are a lot of work but the upside is we are free to do some over the top pieces. I would like to thank Jeff, a very talented designer, for helping making this a success.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Balancing Act

Calla Lilies seem to be a favorite among customers and they are also a favorite of mine. They can certainly stand on their own in an arrangement. A trend from the last couple years has been arrangements being inside and outside their container. The picture of this centerpiece is a great example. The fact that the vessels are stacked demands attention from the guests.