Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Arrangements for Ceremony

After working with a Bride for 6 months or more, you develop a relationship with them. If that relationship is a good one, it makes me very happy when the weather cooperates and the couple has their outside ceremony as planned. Her wedding day was perfect.
The venue in Taneytown has a wonderful layout for weddings including manicured gardens, a lovely reception facility, and a top notch Bed and Breakfast with an outstanding gourmet Restaurant.
When I first met the client, they explained that they intended to have the ceremony outside in the garden but her date was April 21st. We decided to create arrangements that would give the guests a hint as to what the garden would look like in a month when in full bloom.
The yellow snapdragons were the largest and the best I've ever seen. The roses also opened up so much that I'm not exagerrating when I say they were almost 5" in diameter. Brilliant!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


I think it's funny that you usually can tell what a bride is going to choose for her wedding bouquet after the first consultation but once and a while you get thrown a curve ball. This client saw this bouquet in a book and said "that's it!" I never would have guessed this as a choice should would have made but I was happy to do it. I made a joke about the stephanotis being termed "the wedding flower" and it being a costly material to work with but it's no joke on how much labor is required for this gorgeous, fragant blossom.
Each individual flower (right hand picture) has to be attached to a special stem that has a water source for it. Think of it as a wet Q tip. Each special stem can then be attached to a wire stem by wrapping it with floral tape. It's not rocket science but it is time consuming. The bouquet we created had over 150 stephanotis blossoms with calla lilies which is in the picture to the left. The end result was a modern cascade with a traditional material.

More than Floral Design

Not everything we do is centered around floral design. On occasion we get to do decor for ballrooms, tents, and in this case staging at a convention center. Some of the products that are out there are amazing. These fabric structures stood 12 feet at their highest point. They really come to life when professionally lit with washes of color for the back wall and spots on the uprights.
Renting 15 ferns for the front of the stage was a nice way to finish the look and to soften that hard line. Renting plants such as palms and ferns can be a very cost effective for anyone to incorporate fresh materials into their venue for any occasion including weddings.