Saturday, July 29, 2006


You would think it would be easy to create a bouquet when your provided with a swatch for the bridesmaid's dresses, wouldn't you? In this case, the sample was of an iridescent fabric that switched from pink to lavender depending on the light. That's not too bad but the client wanted more lavender than pink but she wanted some pink but not too much pink but don't forget the lavender but not all lavender. "You'll get it right, I know you will" she said. "Oh, okay!" I replied. No problem.
I guess it's the people pleaser in me and I hate to see somebody disappointed so we went back and forth till we thought we had it right. It wasn't until we added the bright green Cymbidium that the bouquet took life.
The bride was very happy. In fact, I think I'll always remember her standing there in her robe with her flawless makeup and hair when she said, "I knew you would get it right!"

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Simple yet sophisticated! An assortment of flowers in the same color palette can stand on their own with varying height and their individual textures to add interest. This arrangement was placed on a fireplace mantle totally covered with yellow roses for contrast. The white faux fur trimmed center platform for the glass vessels added another dimension to the overall look.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

This is a simple altar that was made for a wedding ceremony at a local Frederick overlook. The material is a simple cheese cloth but I found that it has a little weight to it which allows for a nicer draping effect.
This was a very hot day and what you don't see was our staff running around, minutes before guests arrived, with smokers trying to clear out what seemed to be millions of gnats!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This was an alternative to an ordinary rose bowl centerpiece. Since this was for a wedding reception, we decided to make it a little more festive by having hand tied bouquets placed on distressed iron garden containers. There were 4 different color variations to the bouquets which added to interest of the room. In the future I would like to do this with four different styles of bouquets to relect the four seasons.