Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rich Tones

Rich tones of plum and red were paired with elements such as kale, roses, artichokes, dendrobium and mokara orchids in the centrepieces. A considerable amount of thought went into the color of the chairs, water glasses, tablecloths, and even the color of the candlesticks for the tall floral displays.

Sultry Nights

We used similar tropical elements in two different styles for centrepieces. This added splashes of color to the tent without breaking the couples budget. The warm June night added to the tropical flavor and was the perfect send off for the couples honeymoon trip to Hawaii.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

National Symphony Orchestra Picnic

This was a simple yet fun set up for the National Symphony Orchestra's picnic. Yellow and white gerber daisier in willow baskets stood up against the traditional red and blue gingham tablecloths. Other than the beautiful day and some barbecue, what else could use ask for?