Sunday, January 17, 2010

Centerpiece and Bouquet

A contemporary centerpiece and a vintage, crystal accented bouquet that we showcased at the Turf Valley Bridal Show.

The unique glass container with the openings at each end works beautifully for flowers with stems of tulips and calla lilies that are relatively easy to bend. With a low stem count and the container being a rental, it's an economical and modern centerpiece. Sheila did a beautiful job!

The bouquet is just as unique but with a nod to the past with it's vintage color palette. The Amnesia and Sahara roses works well with the Black Schwartz Callas and the hand strung crystals that loop in and out of the bouquet adds that something extra.

A few close up pictures from our booth at the Turf Valley Bridal Show.

Our booth at the Turf Valley Bridal Show

We participated in the Turf Valley Bridal Show and this was our booth. This set up was a departure from what we normally do and I was very pleased with the results.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Traditional Autumn Reception at The Comus Inn

Warm tones for an Autumn wedding at The Comus Inn. At a wedding where the ceremony is in the same space as where the reception will be, the guests typically go to another location for cocktail hour while the area is "flipped". For me that means I'm on site from the time the bouquets are delivered till it's time to help flip the space for the reception. The plus is that it gives me an excuse to stay and watch the ceremony from an out of the way spot, usually where the centerpieces are being held in a holding pattern. I think I will always remember this ceremony because after the vows were exchanged and they were announced as a couple, the song by U-2, "It's a Beautiful Day" was played while they walked back down the aisle. Nice touch Julie!

So Sweet

A delightful moment with Julie and her flower girl Riley. The head piece takes a little time but they are ever so pretty. Deborah does such a beautiful job with them and the extra ribbon tendrils with with individual petals adhered to them is that little something extra. She always finishes them by saying "Now what little girl wouldn't love wearing that all day?"

Contemporary Pop of Color

The unique glass vessel that has openings on each side, instead of the traditional bubble bowl with the opening on top, makes for an interesting centerpiece. The container is just as important as the materials that your using with it. The flexible stems of the flame and plum callas allows them to be swirled inside for maximum use of the spherical shape. The contrasting purple hydrangea creates a beutiful contrasting base of the arrangement.