Sunday, August 13, 2006

Think about photographs

A lot of venues have structures for the wedding ceremony. I try to think of how things will look from the perspective of the client looking back at their wedding album a couple years down the road. The arbor in the picture has a lot of wonderful detail and is pretty in its own right but the busy background stole some if its thunder and the vast openess of the site makes it feel a little wimpy. We installed some cheesecloth like material (NOT TULLE, I despise tulle), garland and floral clips. With our embellishments, the structure looked visually anchored and also brought out the scroll detail in the iron work. In the future I would love to use pink fabric and hang a small crytal chandelier from the inside center point. Would swags of hand strung orchids be too much? Come on, if it isn't doesn't matter!

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