Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Arrangements for Ceremony

After working with a Bride for 6 months or more, you develop a relationship with them. If that relationship is a good one, it makes me very happy when the weather cooperates and the couple has their outside ceremony as planned. Her wedding day was perfect.
The venue in Taneytown has a wonderful layout for weddings including manicured gardens, a lovely reception facility, and a top notch Bed and Breakfast with an outstanding gourmet Restaurant.
When I first met the client, they explained that they intended to have the ceremony outside in the garden but her date was April 21st. We decided to create arrangements that would give the guests a hint as to what the garden would look like in a month when in full bloom.
The yellow snapdragons were the largest and the best I've ever seen. The roses also opened up so much that I'm not exagerrating when I say they were almost 5" in diameter. Brilliant!

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